Yes, I know I haven’t updated anything since January. Don’t think we haven’t done anything though. Just really busy. The answer to the most likely question is yes, Ben and I finished the General Clinton this year. Total time of 8 hours and 54 minutes or something like that including an extra scenic tour of Goodyear Lake. 

But this is a quick post to say pictures from my most recent bike ride are up over at Chesapeakekayakco.com. Go check them out!



General Clinton 2012

Ben and I have decided to race the 50th anniversary General Clinton Canoe Regatta again this year and that means training starts now!

This is what last week’s schedule looked like:

  • Sunday — 36 mile bike ride in around Williamsburg,VA
  • Monday — 10 mile easy bike in Jamestown, VA then weight lifting at home
  • Tuesday — 4 mile run at the gym (it was 16 degrees!)
  • Wednesday — 3 mile run from office to gym then weight circuit with Darek.
  • Thursday — 11 mile bike commute to work and then to WCC followed by 1:45 paddle.
  • Friday — 20 mile round trip bike commute
  • Sat — 1:15 paddle K2 with Leslie, weight lift at home, hill repeats on the bike.

Not a bad start!

Urban Exploring

Recently I got a new camera — a Cannon S95. I’ve taken it on a few bike rides to practice both the photo elements and the video. One particulary fun ride was “Urban Exploring” on the Cross County Trail in Fairfax. We took the CCT and then a network of there trails from Wakefield up behind the Mantua neighborhood and into Old Town Fairfax. Much of the bike route was unpaved trails through the woods. Awesome!

Over Christmas I put together the below video. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas

Dec 19, 2011 — 26 degrees on the ride in this morning. 50 degrees on the way home. This has been a strangely warm December. I’m not complaining!

Pausing at the Georgetown Tree near Key Bridge on my way home.

A step back in time

This past Thanksgiving weekend Dave and I practiced a little time travel. Speficially we stepped back in time by staying at a restored lockhouse along the C&O Canal. The house, one of six restored houses, is available to rent through the C&O Canal Trust. The lockhouses have been restored to different periods signficiant to the canal’s history. The house at lock 49 is restored in a 1920s which would have been the peak of activity for the canal.

Six of us used the house as homebase for a weekend of biking along the canal and historic site touring. Friday we visted Fort Fredrick, Saturday we rode from the house up the Hancock using the C&O and the Western Maryland Rail Trail and then Sunday we toured Antietem. The fabulously warm weather made for excellent biking.

You can see all of Dave and my pictures over at Chesapeake Kayak Co.

Fall in DC

There are few things more beautiful that fall in in DC. Last weekend Dave and I went down to Prince William Forest and rode the loop twice just as the colors were starting to turn. This weekend it was a ride with Leslie and Marc down to Mount Vernon.

It was nearly 60 degrees by mid-afternoon but our cold nights have definitely set the leaves aflame. Here are a few pictures from the rides.

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Getting Reacquainted

Isn’t it awesome to catch up with an old friend or rekindle an old flame? I’ve been doing that with a long lost love of mine. No I’m not having some sorted affair or anything — I’ve rediscovered my love of biking!

Way back when in my high school and college days I loved mountain biking. I rode in all the fabulous spots of California — ski resort downhill at Mammoth Mountain, single track in the Mojave Desert, trails from Napa to the Central Coast. I even raced a bit. It was great. Problem was I got spoiled. I generally rode my bike out my door and was soon on fabulous trails.

When I left California for Michigan I didn’t quite get why people actually put their bikes on their cars, drove places and then went riding. DC was much the same for mountain biking and since I didn’t have a car I didn’t ride much.

Then I met the kayak and, as we know, that has consumed the last 10 years of my life and all available free time. But we all need a change occasionally and I caught the biking bug big when Dave and I did our first bike overnight trip along the GAP trail back in 2009. In 2010 we took time out for a few more bike trips — to Ireland, along the C&O and locally.

As any respectable gearhead knows, all this riding required a new bike. So last year I bought one. Its a Masi Speciale CX — a cyclocross bike. Light enough for everyday riding, strong enough for touring and commuting, and able to tackle dirt should I opt for that.

This year I’ve been riding more than ever; commuting to work and back, a few more bike overnighters, and some longish day rides. This past weekend my friend Leslie and I headed out to the Eastern Shore for the Terry Women’s Wild Goose Chase ride. We did 72.5 miles total — longer than any distance offered during the ride and felt great the whole time. My first official “event” ride. What is next? Maybe a century next year or perhaps another tour? So many options.